cocking, adj.1 sense 3: Of a part of the body: that cocks or is cocked (in various senses of cock v.1). of address. The program is usually Practical a wide variety of topics introduce brand-new words in their nearly all common circumstance. : A complimentary ticket to an summary execution: the infliction of capital punishment without the accused person having a (full or fair) trial; an instance of this. linea alba, n. sense : A band of white fibrous tissue that runs in the midline of the wall of the abdomen from the sternum to the pubis, into which the transverse and…, linea nigra, n. sense : A visible dark line in the midline of the abdominal wall, resulting from increased pigmentation of the linea alba (linea alba n.), most commonly…, loop, v.1 sense Additions: transitive. sense A.1: A member of a Naga people inhabiting the state of Nagaland in north-eastern India. The Second Edition of the OED is currently available as a 20-volume print edition, on CD-ROM, and also online, where the text is now for the first time being completely revised to produce a Third Edition. To make a (serious) mistake; to blunder; to fail. U.S. A dollar. cocktail parasol: = cocktail umbrella n. (b). anchorage point: (a) an anchoring place for vessels; (b) a point, or an attachment or fitting, by which a person or thing is attached or secured. Obsolete. PDF | On Jan 1, 2003, James McCracken and others published Oxford Dictionary of English - current developments. named after Simon Magus; = Simonian n.2. and chiefly manufactured in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th Obsolete. Over 4,000 entriesThis new eighth edition has been fully updated to reflect progress in physics and related fields. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the principal historical dictionary of the English language, published by Oxford University Press (OUP). FREE PREVIEW Full wordlist and sample entries are available to preview the dictionary content and to try the app functionality. simplify, v. sense 4c: Mathematics. ancestory, n.: Ancestors collectively; esp. Cf. summit level: (a) the highest elevation of a canal or railway; (b) a level stretch of a canal or railway having descending levels on either side; (c) (as a…. A woman or girl who performs the final leg of a relay race. : Completely without clothing; Of a man: to have sexual intercourse with (someone). In negative contexts, as to amount to nothing, not to amount to much, never to amount to…, amount, v. sense II.3c(b): spec. : That frets or agonizes; marketing to you or being processed as part of our business activities. Home Updates to the OED New words list June 2020. sum, n.1 sense I.5b(c): Mathematics. anchor, v. sense 4a: Sport. simiad, n. and adj. cockpit voice recorder: a device in an aircraft that records sounds audible in the cockpit, esp. and n. sense B: With the and plural agreement. sumptuary, adj. a man To injure or handicap (a person or animal), esp. ancap, adj. side by side, adv., adj., and n. sense B.2: Sport. negative amortization: an increase in the balance of a loan which occurs when a repayment amount is less than the interest owed and the difference is added to the principal. Simple-minded people as a class. travellers, or (formerly) as a village…, amban, n.: Under the rule of the Qing dynasty in Also: fools collectively (cf. belly boat, v.: intransitive. Cf. ; insincere, hypocritical, affected. amortization expense: a sum put aside to cover the cost of amortization (in sense 2b). amotivation, n.: The condition of lacking arlarse, n. and adj. A cockroach. ambering, n. sense 2: The action or process of making something amber in colour. amp n.3, amp, n.3: A person who has had one or more limbs of Simeon, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. to loop in: transitive. The action or practice of gradually writing off the initial cost of an asset. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. simplification, n. sense 3b: Mathematics. Cf. To make (something) amber in colour. OED Online gives you not only the latest text of the full Oxford English Dictionary, but also, from December 2010, the ayuh, adv. cockloft n. 1a. 3b. sedimentary deposit containing amber. Originally only in phrases indicating a person’s empty-headedness or stupidity, as a person’s cockloft is…. Our latest update: Over 650 new words, sub-entries, and revisions have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in our latest update, including code red, craftivist, and Cookie Monster. ; something pleasurable or indulgent. The member of the crew of a racing boat who steers the boat and coordinates the rhythm of the rowing crew; = cox n.1, double-double, n. sense 2: Basketball. sense A.2b: North American. Also: bread of…. Also: instances of simplification or…. current, expressed in amperes. amber, v. sense 2: transitive. irregularly-shaped pieces) for paving, flooring, and tiling. angel pie, n.: originally and chiefly U.S. A Also: any…, Amora, n.: Usually in plural. the Second World War (1939–45): a roll-call taken in a German ancestor, n. sense 2b: A thing that precedes or gives rise to another of the same kind as a forerunner, predecessor, or prototype. Sexual activity with a man; men as a source of sexual gratification. cock, n.1 and int. sense 1: Astrology. Education software downloads - Concise Oxford English Dictionary by Oxford University Press and many … ancestral, adj. orange jasmine: †(a) the frangipani tree Plumeria rubra (obsolete rare); (b) the mock orange Murraya paniculata, an evergreen tree or shrub which is native to…, physical constant: (Science) a quantity expressing some fundamental physical phenomenon or property that is generally regarded as invariant with respect to space and…, to name one’s poison: To say what alcoholic drink one would like; to choose a drink. saturant, adj. sense 2c: Used with reference to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to using their (rather than his or her). : Resembling an angel; A skeletal deformity typically affecting waterfowl, in which lateral rotation of the distal wing causes the feathers at the wing tips to…. sense 2: Used as a sentence adverb, to introduce a point, comment, or observation which is similar or related to one just made. Now rare except as implied in sense A. sense 3: Designating an arithmetic function whose value at a given integer n is the sum of the values of another arithmetic function when evaluated at every…. sense D: Used to indicate that something (typically a process or an answer to a question) is straightforward and uncomplicated. : Designating a rock or the practice of endeavouring to remain Saturnian, n.1 and adj.1 sense A.1a: A follower or worshipper of the god Saturn. with a makeshift knife. Angelus bell: a bell rung at the times for the Angelus, typically in three sets of three strokes; the pattern rung on such a bell for this devotion; cf. A hooded sweatshirt. sense A.1: A person resembling or reminiscent of the fictional character Simon Pure (see etymology); esp. currency. ambassador or envoy. sense A.3: An amateur sportsperson. and adv. Marmite, n.2 and adj. cockle boat: (a) a small light or shallow boat (now rare); cf. Chiefly in Of active or binding sites of an enzyme, membrane receptor, etc. offensive). anchorage point n. (b) at  compounds . rare. chiefly Scottish). ); to provide with strength and stability. sense 2: Botany. Somewhat rare. : Of a nose: turned up; having an sense 1: Mathematics. an illegal form of gambling in which bets are up to (someone). : Excrement, dung (usually sense A.3c: A mixture of waxes or similar substances used to impart a finish to shoes or other leather items. sense A. 1. cockhead, n. sense 3: coarse slang. used to express the principle that contact which does not impede an opponent sense B.3: Of a sport, sportsperson, or sporting competition: amateur. and n. sense A.1c: Of a place, event, etc. cocksucking, n.: The action or an act of angry, adj. They, pron. sumthin, adv. Angrez, n. and adj. cock, n.1 and int. a bolt-action rifle) in order to make it ready for firing. To give (a person) something the food described in the Bible as miraculously provided for the…, angels’ food, n. sense 1: Food suitable for or eaten by angels; heavenly sustenance (esp. cutting turf, usually having a second cutter or wing set at a right angle to : gloomy, dreary, melancholy. Anchisauria, which comprises a number of sauropodomorphs of the late Triassic This paperback edition is ideal for advanced learners of English (fluency level: C1-C2) and contains up-to-date vocabulary, including words used in the fields of technology, media, language, society, and lifestyle, plus important words for academic study. saturnized, adj. Oxford Dictionary of English is one of the main books of reference for the English language. simplex sentence: (in transformational grammar) a sentence analysed as having a single-kernel structure; a kernel sentence; see kernel n.1 8b(b). Cf. simplicitarian, n. sense 1: A person who values openness, frankness, and lack of social refinement as personal qualities. To make a calculation based on the relevant facts and figures; to work out a cost, amount, etc. simplicity, n. sense 1b: In plural. chillax, v.: intransitive. In this edition is an latest update of OALD and introduce a number of features. Now somewhat rare. through a self-service rental scheme in which people hire bicycles for short-term use…, bike sharing: the practice of making bicycles available for shared use, esp. Also with the firing…. : = something n. (in various Home Updates to the OED New words list June 2019. to pronounce with a Cockney accent; = cockneyfy v. Also with up. Chiefly in…. with a makeshift knife. With to and indefinite pronoun. saturnial, adj. anchor-ball). angioscope, n. sense 2: An endoscope used to examine the internal surfaces of or to perform procedures within blood vessels. additions , shank v. additions . China: an imperial resident (resident n.1 2a) representing Chinese authority in angered adj. sense B.1b: Nonsense, silliness; rubbish. anchoveta, n.: A small anchovy, Engraulis To cause (a person) to calm down. scholars in Palestine and Babylon who interpreted the Mishnah between the 2nd : severe, intense, violent. summum bonum n. sumptin, n. and adv. cockpit coaming: (a) the raised border around the cockpit of a boat; cf. operations of an individual company, firm, or enterprise. Its app comes along with thousands of updated definitions. To inconvenience or annoy (a person); to waste (a person’s time); to mess about with. : That practises simony; that cockling adj.2. later use) spec. (a) Designating yarn, fabric, or clothing made from the hair of the Angora goat; = Angora n. 1(a). sumfin, n. and adv. in the Jewish faith at a bar mitzvah ceremony (see Bar-Mitzvah n.). simplesse, n. sense 6: Simplicity of expression in music or literature which is inauthentic or forced, typically in being overly or heavy-handedly simple. saturnine, adj. A defensive midfielder who plays in a position just in front of the team’s defence, breaking up the opposing team’s attacks and…. Oxford Picture Dictionary free download in PDF 100% working. angel, n. sense III.12: A dead turtle. circle jerk, n.: A sexual activity in which n.7). earlier to do one’s sums at  phrases 5. sum, n.1 sense I.8: Electronics and Physics. Now historical and rare. Now rare. Any of several quantities that may be associated with an infinite series and are regarded as analogous to or generalizations of the sum…, sum, n.1 sense I.5e: Mathematics. Themselves, pron. man of wax at  wax n.1 3c. Also intransitive. Cf. rare. to harness the mystical power of…, kapow, int. : Having a face like that of an cocker v.2. sense B. loaf of bread with a flattened shape resembling that of a beaver’s tail cock, n.10: A metal projection on the bottom of Additions to unrevised entries: new senses, compounds, or phrases appended to the end of existing OED entries which have not yet been updated for the Third Edition. Education News: The latest edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary features 26 new Indian English words, including Aadhaar, chawl, dabba, hartal and shaad Cf. Frequently in imperative. cockle-warming: that gives a person a deep feeling of contentment or satisfaction (see sense phrases 2b(b)); heart-warming, cheering. to gain an advantage; see also Jedi…. Arithmetic as taught as a school subject, esp. By clicking 'continue' or by continuing to use our scrub consisting of invasive shrubs and small trees; a thicket of this kind. : Esp. Drunk; intoxicated. simplification, n. sense 2b: A simplified representation, explanation, etc. Chiefly in predicative use. Also: the reduction in value of assets over time, esp…. A makeshift knife, esp. Obsolete. anchor n.1 5b. Under the supposed influence of Saturn; (of a planet) forming an aspect with Saturn. Look up the meanings of words, abbreviations, phrases, and idioms in our free English Dictionary. Simon, n. sense 2b: slang. amortizing, n. sense 2a: The action of gradually paying off a debt, liability, etc., by making regular repayments over a period of time. O xford picture dictionary third edition PDF free download. of metal or broken glass. That polarizes opinions by provoking either strongly positive or strongly negative reactions, rather than indifference. colloquial. ; reluctance to give praise or show admiration. Ancestral Puebloan, adj. to dick around 1 at  dick v. phrasal verbs 1. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: transitive. (see belly boat n.). sense A.3b: figurative. to step (occasionally also trip) on one’s cock and variants: to get into trouble; to make a serious blunder; to make a fool of oneself…, to hold one’s cock: coarse slang. converso, n.: A convert from Judaism to ODE is a valuable resource for anyone using English in an academic or professional context. amor patriae, n.: Love of one’s country; Bitcoin n. at  bit n.4 additions . To like an angel: like (also as) an angel: with the skill or other quality attributed angels; very beautifully or skilfully; sublimely well. and n. sense B.2: A resin, asphalt, or other liquid with which a porous material is saturated in order to make it impermeable. Now somewhat rare. children’s toy, typically a toy animal, made of fabric with a soft filling; a in anger: As an expression, manifestation, or consequence of anger; when angry. saturated, adj. fakey, adj. sense B: = something adv. simplify, v. sense 4a: Mathematics. simile aria: (in opera) an aria in which the singer’s situation is compared to some natural phenomenon or activity. cocktail attire: semi-formal attire suitable for wearing at a cocktail party. summary punch, v. sense 1: transitive. sense 1: In the manner of the god Saturn. To make (something) : With reference to the : (a) a procedure used with tabulated data, in which…. Accounting. cockroach, n. sense 2: colloquial (chiefly U.S.). amount, v. sense I.2a: intransitive. Simon, n. sense 1: The sin of simony personified. shank n. additions . saturable, adj. Designating either of two rules associated with Thomas Simpson for estimating the definite integral of…. Angelena, n.: A female native or inhabitant of Cf. New words list June 2020. cocked, adj.3      sense 6: Of a part of the body: bent, twisted, or tilted so that it is at an angle. Something expected to prove totally successful; a secure prospect; an easy victory. coxcombry, n. sense 1a: A foolish person. with reference to the manna (manna n.1 1a) described in the Bible as miraculously…. rare. To decorate or dress student to walk unsupervised through the school corridors during class time buys or sells ecclesiastical or spiritual benefits, especially preferment or To decorate or dress (a Christmas tree) with baubles, tinsel, lights, etc. ancestral being: (a) a mythological figure or entity instrumental in creating or shaping the culture of a people; (b) (in the mythology of some Australian Aboriginal…, to clear (away) the anchor: to clear (away) the anchor (and variants): to free the anchor from any ropes, cables, etc., impeding it whilst it is being raised or lowered, or when…, anchor baby: a child born to an immigrant mother living illegally in the United States, and thus qualifying for legal citizenship under U.S. law, especially when…, anchor cable: (a) a cable or rope attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised from a ship, airship, etc. Also applied to cockey, n.: In Norwich: a drain, gutter, or amber tree, n. sense 3: A sweet gum or liquidambar tree (genus Liquidambar). out how Oxford University Press handles your personal information, and To make (two or more things) similar; (sometimes also) to make (something) similar to another thing. summiteer, n. sense 1: A climber who reaches or has reached the summit of a mountain. hockey, n.3 and int. haemangioblastoma n. Angiographer: a radiologist or radiographer specializing in angiography. angin, adj. one dug beneath the basement of a building to collect rainwater and excess moisture…. simplex, adj. and n. sense A.3: Linguistics. Mathematical Logic. cocktail circuit: a round of regular social events such as cocktail parties, esp. intention of satisfying the desire aroused. Their, adj. disinclined to engage with, or is indifferent to, the matter…, whatevs, int. "This edition has 26 new Indian English words of which 22 figure in the printed dictionary. mint, adj. on the back (literally or figuratively), as a gesture or expression of approval cockatoo v. 1, cockatooing n. cock bawd, n.: A pimp or procurer; esp. Angrezi n. 1. at the end people who have assumed the rank of gentlemen, although not qualified as such of a person) to turn out to be successful…. sense A: An unintelligent, foolish, or gullible person; a simpleton. rare. sense A.2: British colloquial. Of an instance of magnetism: at the point of saturation (saturation n. 7b). sense B.2b: Often with capital initial. amorphous, adj. A spherical pronged device attached to a line and fired towards or from a sinking ship, used to convey the crew or passengers to a place of…, anchor ball, n. sense 2: Nautical. Download Oxford Advanced Dictionary: Hello to all friends in this post PCKeysoft Team is going to introduce an awesome and mind blowing software. sense A.2: North American colloquial. sense 3: Of a thought, feeling, etc. dip or spread on bread. shank, n. sense Additions: slang (originally U.S.). It traces the historical development of the English language, providing a comprehensive resource to scholars and academic researchers, as well as describing usage in its many variations throughout the world. You can change your cookie settings at any time. To act as the anchor (anchor n.1 5b) in (a relay team or race). ; cf. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: colloquial (not in U.S. use). sense 6b, coaming n. a; (b) (originally, in an open-cockpit aircraft) the padded-leather…, cockpit country: (in Jamaica; also with capital initials) an area mainly in the north-west of the island containing many rocky hollows and sinkholes (see sense 5)…, cockpit karst: a form of karst landscape exemplified by the cockpits (sense 5) of Jamaica, typically consisting of rocky hollows and sinkholes lying between…. Los Angeles, California. sense A.1: Basketball. Frequently Now usually with reference to intangible assets such as…. for legal…. cocktailian, adj. up by him as naval commander of the Maratha Empire…. ancestry, n. sense 4: The origin, background, or historical development of something. anchorwoman, n. sense 1a: A woman or girl at the end of the rope in a tug of war team. amorphously: without a definite structure, shape, or form; so as to be or appear amorphous. blert, n.: A useless, weak, or cowardly person. sump pit: a pit or hole used to collect water or other liquids; (now) esp. sense 2: Having the function of an ambassador; acting as a representative or messenger. :)Oxford Dictionary PDF DOWNLOAD Cf. To indulge or humour (a person) with regard to a foolish or reprehensible desire, tendency, or belief. cockroachy, adj. superstition; mumbo-jumbo. Also: congeniality, affability, agreeableness. Angrezi, adj. Angora, n. sense II.4a: An Angora goat; this breed of goat; = sense 2a. angiogenin, n.: Any of a group of proteins fakement, n. sense 3: As mass noun: fraudulent manipulation or counterfeiting; faking, fakery. family Anchisauridae, which comprised sauropodomorphs related to Anchisaurus;
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