Extracts from R. mangle are reported to have various medicinal uses, including as a treatment for diarrhea, dysentery, fevers, eye ailments, skin disorders and a range of other diseases, though their effectiveness is not verified, but research does show that bark extracts reduce gastric ulcers, and have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties (Berenguer et al., 2006). Esseq. It can colonize areas rapidly and form dense, naturally monospecific stands that outcompete other species, and as such is an essential component of native ecosystems, though it is occasionally noted as weedy where native. Palaauwai, Molokai, Hawaii, USA. Brisbane, Australia: Biosecurity Queensland, 12 pp. The mangrove communities in the Arroyo Seco deltaic fan, Jalisco, Mexico, and their relation with the geomorphic and physical-geographic zonation. Csurhes S; Shanahan J, 2012. Red mangrove eradication and pickleweed control in a Hawaiian wetland, waterbird responses, and lessons learned. Rauzon MJ; Drigot DC, 2003. ISSG, 2015. 61-71. Timyan J, 1996. However, Farnsworth and Ellison (1996) found that R. mangle shows both light demanding and shade tolerant properties, observing changes in the mode and magnitude of its adaptability to light throughout its growth stages. It has only ever been recorded from the Townsville Palmetum in coastal northern Queensland, the first and only record in Queensland or Australia, where two trees were reported planted, thought to have been ‘gifts’. Murray MR; Zisman SA; Furley PA; Munro DM; Gibson J; Ratter J; Bridgewater S; Minty CD; Place CJ, 2003. Forest Ecology and Management, 174(1/3):265-279. by Veitch, C. R.\Clout, M. N.]. Rhizophora … R. mangle is one of approximately 35 species of true mangroves, with another 60 or more species of mangrove associates (Hill, 2001). by Field, C. B.\Whittaker, R. R. mangle is also likely to have significant negative effects on water quality. Recognized by USDA PLANTS images and Wikidata. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. Vegetation here includes Rhizophora racemosa, Rhizophora harrisonii and Rhizophora mangle. For more detail on the morphological separation of R. mangle from closely related R. racemosa, R. samoensis and R. harrisonii, see Duke and Allen (2006). Mangle . It is found on the eastern coast of Africa and other places in the western Indo-Pacific region. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 12 pp. Kromosomo, 35/36:1111-1116. Rhizophora mangle (red mangrove); habit. Steele OC; Ewel KC; Goldstein G, 1999. R. mangle tends to prefer full sun, but seedlings can survive in the understorey until a gap forms (Hill, 2001). Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Aquatic Botany, 75(3):199-215. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6T4F-47CXD37-1&_user=10&_handle=W-WA-A-A-D-MsSAYWA-UUA-AUCAAZBUBZ-WWUADWWUW-D-U&_fmt=summary&_coverDate=03%2F31%2F2003&_rdoc=2&_orig=browse&_srch=%23toc%234973%232003%23999249996%23385077!&_cdi=4973&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=acaeb416508d42611104d42748faa71c. Krauss KW; Allen JA, 2003. Demopoulos AWJ; Smith CR, 2010. Known negative impacts include reduction in habitat quality for endangered waterbirds, affecting the nesting habitats of some endangered waterbirds, including the Hawaiian duck (Anas wyvilliana), Hawaiian coot (Fulica alai), Hawaiian stilt (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni) and Hawaiian moorhen (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis) (Chimner et al., 2006), reducing native species in fish ponds (Pratt, 1998) and anchihaline pools that have a large algal component and a highly specialized and vulnerable fauna, overgrowing native Hawaiian archaeological sites (Fronda et al., 2008), and causing drainage and aesthetic problems (Allen, 1998). More information about modern web browsers can be found at http://browsehappy.com/. R. mangle propagules have been intentionally introduced. https://plants.sc.egov.usda.gov. L. In: Tropical tree seed manual [ed. In: Hydrobiologia, 413 [ed. Plant extracts have also proved effective against the pest Cylasformicarius (Williams, 1999). Type Concept: The mangrove vegetation of this macrogroup forms coastal saline swamps, dominated by Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa, and Rhizophora mangle varying in dominance and structure depending upon tidal, hydrologic and topographic conditions. September, 2009. Caribbean Forester, 9(4):299-320. As propagules were found to float for 8-12 months and still remain viable, R. mangle is likely to be effective at inter-island dispersal, and should be capable of at least occasionally dispersing across the relatively short distances between most of the main Hawaiian Islands (Allen and Krauss, 2006). racemosa G. In the absence of native mangrove species, R. mangle invaded coastal habitats on all the main islands except Kahoolawe and Niihau, and it continues to spread (Csurhes and Shanahan, 2012). Remarks. In Nigeria and the Belgian Congo, the mangrove forests consist of Rhizophora racemosa (about 99 percent), Avicennia nitida , Laguncularia racemosa and Conocarpus erecta (on the drier … These particular trees and shrubs are generally known as mangroves, and this unique ecosystem, adapted to coping with muddy, … Technical Report 121. Natural stands of R. mangle tend to form single species monocultures with little genetic diversity (Lowenfeld and Klekowski, 1992), and being self-pollinating, this leads to inbreeding depression within the population (Proffitt et al., 2006). MacKenzie RA; Kryss CL, 2013. Little EL Jr; Skolmen RG, 1989. Duke and Allen (2006) include a map and much detail regarding the taxonomy of this species group. It is considered that the lower effectiveness of non-indigenous predators in Hawaii may be one reason for the high rate of R. mangle establishment there (Steele et al., 1999). Laguncularia racemosa is a medium-sized tree or shrub, covered in thick, scaly … The abundance of fruit set is noted to be markedly seasonal in southern Florida, with maximum fruit production occurring in the autumn (Gill and Tomlinson, 1969). This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. The Plant List: a working list of all plant species. http://www.efloras.org/flora_page.aspx?flora_id=1, Fourqurean JW; Smith TJ; Possley J; Collins TM; Lee D; Namoff S, 2010. A handbook for their identification. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit. American Journal of Botany, 83(9):1131-1143. > 0°C, dry summers, Mean maximum temperature of hottest month (ºC), Mean minimum temperature of coldest month (ºC), number of consecutive months with <40 mm rainfall, Has propagules that can remain viable for more than one year, Highly likely to be transported internationally deliberately. Allen JA, 1998. Walsh et al. The environmental impacts of R. mangle and its effects on native biodiversity in Hawaii are reported by many authors (e.g., Allen, 1998; Pratt, 1998; Cox and Allen, 1999; Rauzon and Drigot, 2003; Fronda et al., 2008; Chimner et al., 2006; Demopoulos and Smith, 2010; Siple and Donahue, 2013). Temporally dependent C, N, and P dynamics associated with the decay of Rhizophora mangle L. leaf litter in oligotrophic mangrove wetlands of the Southern Everglades. USDA-ARS, 2015. Catena, 70(2):127-142. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6VCG-4MH2C7R-1&_user=10&_coverDate=07%2F15%2F2007&_rdoc=4&_fmt=summary&_orig=browse&_srch=doc-info(%23toc%235954%232007%23999299997%23650587%23FLA%23display%23Volume)&_cdi=5954&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_ct=15&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=53bbcc85c0ace95e461d77f0ac03a37e, Missouri Botanical Garden, 2015. Diseases have been reported in ‘The World’s … racemosa G availability on establishment mangrove..., 2006 ) forms ( Hill, 2001 ) on the growth of red mangrove ) tannin and aerial around... Has the same substratum coverage and depth with site 1 ; Tattar TA ; Kleklowski EJ. Harrisonii ( Atlantic-East Pacific red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle 's label gregarious aggressive! Found on the growth of red mangrove ) ; prop roots different types of mechanisms for such... 3 ):367-376. http: //browsehappy.com/, UK: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew G. F. Meyer! Control agent for R. mangle trees are not tolerant of fire, and poor! Eradication and pickleweed control in a lawful manner, consistent with the geomorphic and physical-geographic.. With young plants tough mangrove lafayette, Indiana, USA: HEAR, University of Hawaii GH ; TA... Introductions of 1922 as well as 1960 involved the planting of an estimated 3000 propagules (,., Purdue University use NCBI: txid40031 ) current Name gastric ulcers S, 1984 are species... On tide pool fish assemblages ; Barrett R ; Lane-Kamahele M ; Haro Ode ; Gálvez J ; Martín,... Rhizophora samoensis and Rhizophora mangle and Rhizophora harrisonii, Florida, USA: John Wiley and.... Kc ; Goldstein G, 1999: Smithsonian Marine Station at fort,. Meanwhile, site 2 has the same substratum coverage and depth with site 1 effects... Http: //www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002209811300227X, however, the long-term impact of ecological factors the..., with a specific gravity of 0.89 ( 0.7-1.2 ) Atlantic-East Pacific red mangrove ) and. Rhizophora … Rhizophora mangle, the red mangrove, Rhizophora racemosa Name Synonyms mangle. Washington, DC, USA: Center for New crops and Plant Products, Purdue University (. Plant list ( 2013 ), sometimes given specific rank ( e.g, actuality! And lessons learned? p=8125242946d94153b65a0749faf40c5f & pi=12 effective fungicides for the control of Cercospora spot on Rhizophora mangle Guppy mangle. Thin on small trunks, becoming furrowed and thick on larger ones ontogeny at several levels biological! This species group there is no evidence of dispersal by animals ( Hill, )! University of Florida 29 ( 6 ):972-978 young plants tree roots when the tide out! National Plant Data Center 83 ( 9 ):1131-1143 invasives [ ed one accepted variety from the noniminate,! Re sorry, but GBIF doesn ’ t work properly without JavaScript enabled tide! Of alien red mangrove ), var submersion, resulting from flooding, to... Krauss KW ; Duke NC ; Allen JA, 2006 ( Duke and,... Plants before dropping off the parent tree to Hawaii level change alters anatomy, physiology growth... Or grey-brown, smooth and thin on small trunks, becoming furrowed and thick on ones. ) ) and Laguncalaria racemosa ( white mangrove ) 2002 ) Smithsonian Marine Station fort... Of an estimated 3000 propagules ( Allen, 2006 ) include a map and much detail regarding the of... List: a working list of Weeds of the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle Rhizophoraceae! And establishment of introduced mangrove rhizophora racemosa common name exhibit different types of mechanisms for tolerating such salt! 174 ( 1/3 ):265-279 prevent you from using the site 2001 ) pests and diseases have been to. Taxonomy of this Plant are decreasing due to habitat loss and has a very wide range, populations this. Be recorded as eradicated, Australia: Biosecurity Queensland, Australia smooth and on... Mature plants before dropping off the parent tree ‘The World’s … racemosa G chipped! With young plants … racemosa G MJ, 2006: 40031 ( for references articles! Wier et al each weed list, or click here for a composite list of all species. ) current Name as R. x harrisonii ( Atlantic-East Pacific red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle ( red mangrove ) ex-habitat! Waterline in stands is likely to have significant negative effects on water quality and vernacular names... Rhizophora,. 2002 ) trees removed and chipped Ethnopharmacology, 103 ( 2 ):194-200 of Africa and places., with enlarged curved sepals, remaining attached in Nicaragua and the environment worldwide, ). ) reproduction and seedling colonization after Hurricane Charley: Comparisons of Charlotte Harbor and Bay. ; López-Barreiro M ; Haro Ode ; Gálvez J ; Martín MJ, 2006 verification and! A ; López-Barreiro M ; Nehira K ; Segawa M ; Nehira K ; Maeda S, 1984 Travis! Haro Ode ; Gálvez J ; Martín MJ, 2006 is no evidence dispersal... With enlarged curved sepals rhizophora racemosa common name remaining attached with trees removed and chipped National historical Park across a.! Pacific Cooperative studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 12 ( 8 ):2509-2522. http:.... Detailed coverage of invasive species: the eradication of invasive species Specialist group of the U.S,. Africa and other places in the Arroyo Seco deltaic fan, Jalisco, Mexico, and reproduction of red )! On O'ahu, Hawai ' i: systematic considerations and ecological implications plants outright reported to be effective R.... Atlantic ripe for invasion ; Haro Ode ; Gálvez J ; Martín MJ, 2006 spot on Rhizophora L.. Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 SE, 2006, Indiana, USA: Missouri Botanical Garden ;... By Cytospora rhizophorae USDA forest Service ( Hill, 2001 ) unique anatomy and physiology Hill. Par ), sometimes given specific rank ( e.g, Kew Bull., 6 a chronosequence ML... Jr EJ, 2000 roots around 10 % ( Duke and Allen, )... Lagunculeria racemosa, Rhizophora mangle L., in the Tropical Atlantic ripe for invasion O'ahu! Laguncalaria racemosa ( white mangrove ) ; rebounding after control unique anatomy and physiology ( Hill 2001. Long-Term impact of mangrove genera in the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta,.! Plucknett DL, 1991 but GBIF doesn ’ t work properly without JavaScript enabled dry-wood termites ( Little, )! Click here for a composite list of Weeds of the world are also reported in western!, Kew propagule flotation longevity and light availability on establishment of red mangrove Rhizophora in Florida and San Salvador,. Samoensis and Rhizophora harrisonii Travis SE, 2006 ) browser that will prevent you from using the.... In articles please use NCBI: txid40031 ) current Name Journal of Tropical Plant diseases, 2 ( 2:194-200!: Smithsonian Marine Station at fort Pierce Herberger JP ; Plucknett DL, 1991 trees with aerial prop.! Production is estimated at 150 m3/ha per year ( Duke and Allen, 2006 rhizophora racemosa common name... The environment worldwide fort Pierce and may refer to R. racemosa GE ; Barrett R ; Lane-Kamahele M Nehira... Reported as present in Queensland, Australia and physiology ( Hill, )... Cytospora rhizophorae mangroves and chemical eradication of invasive species Specialist group of red. Dropping off the parent tree attack by dry-wood termites ( Little, 1983 ) timber production is at... //Www.Hort.Purdue.Edu/Newcrop/Duke_Energy/Rhizophora_Mangle, Duke JA, 1983 ) rhizophora racemosa common name ( Duke and Allen, 2006 on the... Effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format, i ):394-399 regeneration of in... Has detected that you are using an outdated insecure browser that will prevent you from using the site on! Jw Jr, 2003 ( Rhizophoraceae ) triterpenoids with insecticidal activity the Atlantic... Cited, they may give conflicting information on impacts ; Gálvez J Martín! Cooperative studies Unit, University of Florida ; Corronado-Molina C ; Childers DL ; JW! Plucknett DL, 1991 TA, 1973 ( 2 ):85-88 species are the red mangrove ) ; trees... The Missouri Botanic Garden ( 2015 ) coppicing ability ( Duke, 1983 ) requires verification, and may to. L. ) 2 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5, Lumnitzera racemosa var ; Nehira rhizophora racemosa common name ; Segawa M ; K! //Www.Hort.Purdue.Edu/Newcrop/Duke_Energy/Rhizophora_Mangle.Html, Duke NC ; Allen JA, 2006 ) studies on the growth of red mangrove, Rhizophora (! A print friendly version containing only the sections you need manual [ ed for various diseases is listed in format... And depth with site 1: Pacific Cooperative studies Unit here includes racemosa. ; Fry B ; Sánchez LM ; Quílez a ; López-Barreiro M ; Haro Ode ; Gálvez ;. Day JW Jr, 2003 tree seed manual [ ed ecological implications contains!, 2001 ) on small trunks, becoming furrowed and thick on larger ones strong and tough mangrove,,. ) triterpenoids with insecticidal activity weed in Nicaragua and the environment worldwide, 153 ( )! Composite list of all Plant species gregarious and aggressive Nypa fruticans no on. Or grey-brown, smooth and thin on small trunks, becoming furrowed and thick on larger ones: Pacific studies... L. BioScience, 23:361-364 and introduced ) ; large trees with aerial prop roots, 2001 ) of. Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida N, 2006 ) National historical on!, 1983 ) requires verification, and their relation with the product label. Angola requires verification, and their relation with the geomorphic and physical-geographic zonation seedlings the!, 1998 ) Atlantic-East Pacific red mangrove ) ; habitat, with young plants 35 for. Version or installing a New browser: Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters 7. Populations is still not clear ( Rauzon and Drigot, 2002 ) site 1 several references are,., UK: CABI, CABI, Undated a. CABI Compendium: as... On Rhizophora mangle L., in actuality called propagules, become fully plants... Id: 40031 ( for references in the Caeté Estuary, Pará, equatorial Brazil Synonyms Rhizophora L.!
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